Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Crochet Granny Patchwork Quilt - 1

That time you hook up a load of grannies with offcuts of wool or blend favourite colours together to make that awesome blanket but only get so far with it!

With my make do, recycle reuse ethos I got a tad fed up seeing them in their pretty colours doing nothing, so the patchwork quilt idea was born

to be updated ...

Monday, 22 August 2016

Ten things to consider before running events

  • A facebook page is a must for running events, its a place to advertise your event and allows people to contact you directly, don't feel that you have to run events alone, choose someone to help that you trust and can rely on and of course shares the same passion as you
  • Choose the venue carefully, is it a small or large event.
    Have a list of what the venue needs to be able to offer - space for tables and chairs, a car park, kitchen and a bathroom
  • Insurance - it will need to cover you for public liability, sellers would need their own insurance too
  • Plan the layout of your event so it runs smoothly, so there is a variety between sellers that are next to each other, don't over book one particular style (cards or jewellery for example) and of course plenty of room for buyers to browse and look around the stalls available
  • Charging a price per stall covers you for the hall rental, your insurance you've paid out for, free refreshments for sellers (which I personally have always offered)
  • Timings - one for sellers to set up and pack away and one for customers for when the event is open
  • Have leaflets printed out a few months prior so you can start to distribute them and also send to the sellers themselves to give out at other events they are possibly attending, the money for these would come out of the stall amount. Use a graphic designer to really obtain a fantastic and eye catching poster design
  • Take lots of photographs that you can edit after and use to showcase your next event
  • Verify all your sellers items that they are selling, as you want a consistent stream of quality whether its handmade or bought in gifts
  • Most important of all - be inviting, be fun, have music on in the background, look after your sellers and gain feedback from customers if possible

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Pinterest Loves - Pallet Boards

There are pallets galore worldwide just hanging around doing nothing! but why when they can be turned into something useful, I've sourced a fair few idea on my pinterest board here

These are some of my current favourites

I love the idea of quote art on pallets so will certainly be trying this - source
I have a few vintage wallpapers in my stash (like you do) I know the perfect place to hang this as a wall art so I need to get cracking (thankfully hubby has a ton of pallets at his work) - source
A little too technical for me to build I think but I do love the idea of this and it would look great in the workshop - source
This herb garden is a must and a dream of mine, really want to add it to our garden wall space so its now on the 'to do list' - source

Friday, 19 August 2016

Small Business Review 1

This last week I've made some big decisions about how I want my small business to grow, online and locally, its so tough as you have to listen to your head and not your heart sometimes!
I want to grow with additional fun designs of my stationery and homewares.
I've decided to make my soy candles a part of my homewares business plan by stocking them locally and taking better photographs to get them noticed online

Its quite difficult taking photographs when a tortie moggie is trying to get in on the picture, so then you find the odd cat hair or three thousand to wipe away
So much goes into a photograph, from the staging, the taking, the editing, the uploading and I'm personally still never fully happy as I'm certainly no photographic pro!

Raise a glass (or mug of tea) to business plans and the dream of them working!! A selection of whats on offer and so much more to be added

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Summer Holidays - East Coast Style

We're really lucky that my parents live 5 miles out from Mablethorpe on the East Coast, which means a beach break whenever we want. Theres so much more to do and see that sometimes you take it for granted as its like a home from home

A totally relaxing short break away filled with Pokémon hunting on the beach (which was a big hit), Finding Dory movie, eating out, sea and beach life and home comforts

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

August Goals

August is a month of summer holidays, the boys are off school and its time to keep them occupied and still try to achieve daily jobs at home and running my small business, whereas all I really want to seem to do is hibernate!
So with that in mind here's some goals in no particular order to keep me awake!

  • Style our new room
  • Plan my blog content for September
  • Bike rides
  • Date night
  • Achieve my 1stone award
  • New hair colour and/or style
  • Build up my online stores
  • Promote my new blog
  • Family day out
  • Enjoy life to the fullest

Friday, 29 July 2016

Summer Holidays - Down Time

Another school year over!
Its amazing how quickly the boys are growing not only in height but in personality too, its tough! They really are growing at an alarming rate, I'm proud of their own personal achievements and just hope they continue to develop into smart handsome young men

Until all that happens 6 weeks lies ahead for us to fill up so the boredom doesn't set in, Week 1 has been ticked off with a chill out week, a down tools week,  one that was needed after all the school work.
So a week of movies, gaming and general chilling
Next week we are away at my parents so we have lots planned and cant wait to go now, to the point I have my list ready to start the packing

This week though we have managed a little home renovation!!!
We took down and refitted a new conservatory! in the heat of all heats!
I cant wait to style this room as its going to be a super chill out room for all of us

I had a mass attack in the garden cleaning up an already lovely looking border and a mass pruning and weeding attack on another
The blackcurrant bush is full to bursting and every few days I add the ripened berries to the pot in the freezer ready for me to attempt some jam making!

One week down, five more to go!!!